Q: Your Aim

We at Hair & Co are always striving to create an amazing environment and culture in Hairdressing and promote the value of employment and working within a team which creates an amazing atmosphere to work in that anyone can be a part of from the brand new to the season veteran

Q: What do you provide

What we provide is a fun environment and high standard salon that you can flourish in and help bring the culture of Hair & Co to everyone and I mean everyone that is how big we want to go and with help and the right blend of team we will succeed

Q: How do you create your Culture

How do we do this we have in house training at least Once a week covering normal salon education and going to New patterns of colour or a new technique in trims how to communicate to clients and having fun lets face if we don’t enjoy it we don’t do it. We send you on course set up by our colour company Alfaparf on an average of 6 times a year covering a range of topics we do events for charity’s and shopping centre and also have fun days at markets to help people understand who we are and what we do and again spread the culture of the salon as far as possible

Q: Is this just another job

At Hair & Co it not a job but a career Which you will have in what we believe helps promotes loyalty To the salon which we encourage with the possibilities of promoting through Our different levels we don’t just encourage these but fully support this as we love to see our staff flourish under the creativity of the team and be rewarded for your loyalty hard work

Q: who would the courses be with

We pride our self with working with the best to further ourself and staff Paul Stafford, Bill Harris, Rose Mcrudden, Jason Shankey, Sabrina Hill, Sean Taaffe, Wayne Lloyd, Gianni Scumaci, Ben Browne, Saco, Jack Blayne, Alan Austin Smith, Emil Mcmahon

Work alongside creative people round europe

Formal Certification

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